KBA-36442 - Adjusting DocuWare after a server renaming

Posted over 1 year ago by Callum McGlynn

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Callum McGlynn
Callum McGlynn

After a renaming of the DocuWare server machine the services do not start.
Within the AuthenticationServer log you can find an error like:

Cannot find active authentication server. All servers are either stopped or the communication channel settings don't allow a connection.
Cannot access server url  'gtcp://DB-VM-2016:9000'. Check that server is accessible and use compatible communication options.
Server identity ComputerID:DB-VM-2016 Domain:QA MachineCredential:MachineCredential:QA/DB-VM-2016 Guid:d99ee86f-9b1d-45f6-8367-4bb276516cdc Type:SettingsServer do not exist

After a server rename no DocuWare services can authenticate against the database.
Depending on the installed service on the server, you can skip to the fitting......

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