Boost Your Purchasing Process with Web Forms

Posted over 8 years ago by Callum McGlynn

Callum McGlynn
Callum McGlynn

It can be a long way from purchase to invoice. To avoid losing information along the way and process orders as quickly as possible, it’s a great idea to integrate your puchasing process with your document management system. Using the modules DocuWare Forms, Task Manager and Workflow Manager, you can make the purchasing process even easier by automating a variety of steps.

Start by setting up a form for purchase orders in DocuWare Forms with just a few mouse clicks.

In DocuWare Forms, a wizard helps you create a form template. In this window, you can drag & drop important information into the web form’s fields.

Information about each purchase, such as vendor, product description, quantity, and cost can then be entered into the final web form. Bonus: using this same information, the order can be automatically indexed and stored. 
If you are using Task Manager or Workflow Manager from DocuWare, the archived order can be incorporated in a list or workflow.

The form then travels from order to authorization all the way to payment. In addition to the delivery slip and invoice, an order document is always attached to the process. All of your information is stored in an electronic file cabinet and immediately accessible to authorized employees.

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David Willy posted about 5 years ago

I am glad to read this article.

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