Using Multiple Screens? Choose Viewer with Index Dialog

Posted over 8 years ago by Callum McGlynn

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Callum McGlynn
Callum McGlynn

More and more workstations are outfitted with two or more monitors, to make it easy to view multiple applications at the same time. DocuWare’s new options for viewing documents, such as the Viewer with Integrated Index Dialog, is particularly handy when working on multiple screens and storing lots of documents from a basket. 

On one screen, you can run DocuWare’s general interface containing baskets, searches, lists and tasks. On the second screen, you can open the Viewer with Integrated Index Dialog. With this view, the store dialog is directly shown next to a document, making it simple to see index terms and the document itself in one spot.


Viewer with integrated index dialog used for document storage Viewer


To make indexing as quick and easy as possible, DocuWare offers lots of clever tools, such as select lists, One Click Indexing and – included with certain licenses – Intelligent Indexing.

Here’s how you set it up

In order to activate this Viewer version in Web Client, go to the main menu (1) and open Settings (2), then switch to the Viewer tab (3) and pick the desired option (4).


The various windows that open in DocuWare may be repositioned and resized as needed. DocuWare will remember what you have set up, so that it will look just like this the next time you open the program

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