Displaying E-Invoices As the First Page in the Viewer

Posted over 8 years ago by Callum McGlynn

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Callum McGlynn
Callum McGlynn

With DocuWare, you can process all incoming invoices in a uniform way – it doesn’t matter if they arrive on paper or as an e-mail. With a scanner, paper invoices are quickly digitized and imported with DocuWare into a basket or electronic file cabinet. Emailed invoices are also quickly advanced with Connect to Outlook and a click of the mouse.

Particularly handy: you can store an email invoice in DocuWare so that it is immediately on display when calling up a document in DocuWare – and only then followed by the email that relates to it. Here’s how. 

The order in which you will ultimately view email content (body) and an attachment in the Viewer is decided when you choose in which order an email and attachment is initially archived. You also have the option to only store attachments. 


For email invoices, it is advisable to set it to Attachment only. If the email itself contains important information (for example, about a granted discount), then select Email and attachment, show attachment first. In this case, the email will also be stored. The setting change applies only to this particular email; the default option for your email, which is set in DocuWare Configuration, will not be altered.

The solution offers you several advantages: you can comfortably choose storage options directly in the file mask. You save time, because you don’t need to switch into the DocuWare Configuration to deviate from the default options. And last but not least, you’ll need fewer configurations in Connect to Outlook.

So that the file mask with the new options opens during storage, activate the option Show dialog during store process underDocuWare Configuration > Connect to Outlook > select configuration > Store Target.

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