Transferring Data into Third-Party Applications with a Mouse Click

Posted over 8 years ago by Callum McGlynn

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Callum McGlynn
Callum McGlynn

Here’s a way to avoid typing mistakes or transposing numbers when transferring data: if a document is open in the DocuWare Viewer, you can use the tool "Copy to Clipboard" to select long customer numbers, invoice amounts, or a company name and paste them into any third-party application.

The “Copy to Clipboard“ tool is especially handy for the quick transfer of barcodes. Let’s say you’d like to copy a barcode from an incoming A/P invoice and paste it into your accounting program. Open the invoice in the DocuWare Viewer, activate the “Copy to Clipboard“ tool on the left side of the toolbar and select the barcode:  



Then switch into your accounting program and paste it like you are used to from other applications with [Ctrl] + [V] or with the “Paste“ command from the context menu.

Note: To read barcodes, you’ll need a "Barcodes & Forms" license. 

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