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Posted over 8 years ago by Callum McGlynn

Callum McGlynn
Callum McGlynn

Many companies take advantage of forms and templates to capture structured data. But it can sometimes feel like a long way to get to that point. Often a user must enter name, address, and other information multiple times. Illegible entries often delay data capture. And sometimes paper forms get lost in the shuffle. With DocuWare Forms, organizing electronic forms is made much easier and far more reliable.

Our new module DocuWare Forms generates electronic forms. These so-called Web Forms can be filled out easily - and always legibly – by users on a screen. Forms that already exist in a paper form can also be integrated and further used. A mouse click is all that’s needed to file them away. 
Once stored, all relevant personnel can have direct access to the forms. All records and documents belonging to the form can also be stored simultaneously. To make sure that a form is processed promptly, you can integrate it right into a workflow or task list of fellow employees. And that's not all!

Fill Out Multiple Forms at Once 
With DocuWare Forms, a user never has to enter their name, address, account number, etc. over and over again. A classic example is when a person is newly hired. Multiple departments need the same core data such as name and address, while more specialized data might only be needed by certain departments. 
A Web Form is created that contains all the necessary fields. The user fills out the Web Form once. From this Web Form, multiple forms can then be created for each department – and all relevant data is transferred automatically: a user only needs to enter a name and address once, but this information is then used in multiple ways. 

More information can be found here

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